Your Dashboard now gives you the power to track leads coming from different sources – from your contact forms, the proposals you’ve built for clients, or from the SEO audit widget you have installed on your website. 

The best thing? You’ll see all the leads you have in one place. 

What can you do with the Partner CRM?

1. Add a new contact and track! 

You can manually add a new contact that you want to track on your dashboard, or activate the Lead Tracker feature on your WordPress site to get leads from different contact forms that you have on your website.

2. Manage your lead sources.

You can add more sources through contact forms or landing pages and label the Source to match the campaign (Social, PPC, SEO, etc.). 

3. Get notified whenever a new lead comes in.

You'll receive an email when a potential client enters their email address and contact details through the audit widget on your site.

To activate, go to SEOReseller Partner Plugin on your WordPress website. 

Start getting more leads and grow your client base with this new Lead Tracking feature on your Partner CRM! 

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