As important as your pitch is, in some ways, your proposal is even more important. 

This is because your prospect will keep a copy of the proposal and review it, analyze it, dissect it, and use it as a gauge for the quality of work provided by your agency.

Despite this being true, many agencies still don't deliver a quality proposal.

It is this reality that motivated SEOReseller to create our Proposal Builder for partners selling SEO, Web Design, Social Media, and PPC.

Here are the key features of our Proposal Builder:

  • Customizable - Easily customize each proposal. The tool incorporates the details you entered about the client when you setup the campaign. You can also edit information when you generate the proposal
  • Ready In Minutes - Your dashboard does all the work. You only need to update your client's information and the price you are charging. The entire process takes less than 3 minutes!
  • Exhaustive - Each proposal covers everything your clients need to know about what the service provides including benefits of the service, the methodology, service details, a timeline, and client requirements.

To learn how to create a proposal check out the article How to Create a New Proposal.

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