We've made it easier to prepare proposals for new leads coming your way. Our Proposal Builder allows you to add a new lead when you're creating a proposal for the pitch. 

Follow these steps when adding leads to the Proposal Builder:

1. Log into your dashboard. 

Log into your account. Click on Tools on the upper-hand menu of your dashboard. 

On the Tools section of the Dashboard, click Proposal Builder.

2. Click Create New Proposal.

In your Proposals Dashboard, click Create New Proposal button. This will take you to the first section of the Proposal Builder with the Lead Information.

3. Add Your Lead.

Click +Add New Lead. When you click this, an answer box will appear where you need to provide the details of the client. 

Click Next when you're done. This will take you the subsequent steps as when you're creating your proposal. 

It's that quick and easy to add leads that you can pitch to! Try it for yourself and start converting those leads!

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