If they have an existing LinkedIn Company Page:

  1. From the home page by the left sidebar, find Connections:

2. From the right sidebar, choose Invite by Email.

3. Have them add our account ( get this from your Project Manager) and click Continue. Your project manager will forward the email address to input.

This will connect you to one of our accounts.

4. Once we've approved the invite, advise the client to choose "Me" from the top navigation bar. 

5. From there, a pop-up navigation box will appear. Choose the designated Company Page

6. From your Company page, click Admin Tools from the top bar and choose Manage Admins.

7. Choose the specified account. Save the changes.

If they don’t have an existing LinkedIn Company Page:

  1. The following information is needed to create a new Company Page.
    a. Preferred Company Name
    b. Preferred LinkedIn Public URL 

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