The first step to displaying feedback on your clients' website is to actually get feedback. With Reputation Management, we provide several ways to accomplish this. 

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Once your client has feedback, you will need to install the Display Feedback Plugin to display that feedback on your client's website.

1. Select the appropriate campaign in your white label dashboard using the drop-down menu beneath your agency logo.

2. Hover over Reputation Management in the menu at the top and select Feedback.

3. Click Display Feedback Widget.

4. The Display Feedback Widget window provides a button to download the client plugin plus your token. 

Click Download Client Plugin to begin the download.

5. Locate the folder to which the file was downloaded. It will be titled localcircle-reviews. The default location is your Downloads folder on your C: drive

6. Log into the WordPress admin account for your client's website. Click on Plugins and choose Add New.

7. Click Choose File and locate the downloaded folder. 

8. Click Install Now.

9. When the installation is complete, click Activate Plugin.

10. After installation, go to your white label dashboard to copy the Token from the same Display Feedback Widget window mentioned in Step 4.

11. Back in WordPress admin, hover over Settings in the left-hand menu and click on Local Circle Reviews.

12. Paste the Token into the appropriate field and click Save Token.

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