The Reputation Management Dashboard provides you a powerful tool to listen to conversations about your clients - the Mentions tool. 

The Mentions tool allows you to track what customers are saying about your client's business on the web and on social channels. You can track web mentions and Twitter mentions through keywords added on the Mentions tool.

Web Mentions

Web mentions are data collected about your client from Google. Your Reputation Management Dashboard scans the first five pages of search results for any mention of your client's brand or target keywords. 

Twitter Mentions

Twitter mentions are data collected about your client from Twitter. Your Reputation Management Dashboard scans the first 200 recent Twitter mentions for every keyword. 

How Do We Collect Data for the Mentions Tool?

By default, the Mentions tool automatically adds your client's brand name for your keyword list. You can add up to 5 keywords to track. 

When you create a campaign, the tool will automatically collect data and track mentions of your client's brand term. Upon the start of your subscription, the tool will automatically track mentions and collect data only once a day. 

You can also collect data on demand by clicking Check Mentions - this function will only be available once every 30 minutes. 

The Mentions Tool allows you to:

  • View Mention - View the website where the citation appeared. 
  • Delete - Remove the mention from your Reputation Management Dashboard.
  • Share - Promote the mention on social media. 

With the Mentions tool, you can have a bigger picture of conversations among customers and develop a more profound strategy to boost your client's visibility. 

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