Google made some changes to their local review schema and as a result, adding review sources to your client's website that also exist on third-party websites, like Facebook or Yelp, can result in a penalty. 

This doesn't mean that you can't have reviews on your client's website. It means you have to do it properly and the reviews must be unique. 

We give you a solution to this change through the Reputation Management Dashboard with the Feedback and Reviews tools. But first, what's the difference between a feedback and review?

Feedback is internal, which means this will be the reviews that we display on a microsite. The goal of the Feedback tool is to increase the reputation and credibility of your client's site by promoting the review on the microsite or on the client's website.

Reviews are external. These reviews appear on listing websites, such as Yelp, Google My Business, and YellowPages. The goal of the Reviews tool is to improve your client's visibility on local search by promoting positive reviews or suppressing negative reviews on listing websites. 

With both the Feedback and Reviews tools in the Reputation Management Dashboard, you can take control of your client's reputation and help them become more visible to their customers.  

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