Once your 14-day trial has ended, you can start your billed subscription for the Reputation Management Dashboard. 

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Reputation Management Dashboard. log into your Dashboard. Click on your profile on the upperhand corner of your Dashboard, then go to Manage Subscriptions

2. Start your subscription. On the Manage Subscription page, you’ll find your Reputation Management Suite subscription. Click Upgrade Now to start your subscription.

A text box will appear asking for confirmation of your subscription. Click Confirm to proceed. 

3. Adjust your allocations. After confirming, you can adjust the number of business units or campaigns you want to allocate for the Reputation Management Suite. 

Adjust the bar below the Reputation Management Subscription. When adjusting, you can see how much you’ll be billed at the first of every month on the side.

Click Upgrade when you’re done. 

4. Allocate campaigns. To allocate campaigns, click Allocations. A text box will appear with your list of available campaigns. Choose the campaign and click Allocate

Your Reputation Management subscription should reflect the campaigns you’ve allocated.

You can now start adding more clients to your Reputation Management Dashboard!

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