We're giving you a free 14-day trial to experience the Reputation Management Dashboard in full action. 

Here's how to get started:

1. Go to the Reputation Management Dashboard. Log into your dashboard. In the Home page, you’ll find the Activate Your Free Trial. Click on this, and it will take you to the Manage Subscription page of your dashboard. 

2. Confirm your trial. A text box will appear that will ask you to confirm the start of your Reputation Management Suite trial. Click Yes to proceed. 

3. Enter your billing information. You need to provide your billing information before you can activate your free trial. An answer box will appear where you need to fill out your billing information - Name, Credit Card Details, and Billing Information/Address. Double check the information you write and make sure all fields have been filled.

Click Save to proceed. 

Note: You won’t be charged when you enter your billing information. 

4. Manage subscriptions. Click on your profile and go to the Manage Subscriptions page. 

On the Manage Subscriptions page, click Allocation.  This will show a list of existing campaigns you have. Choose your campaign. 

Note: For the free trial, you may only choose one campaign to allocate for the Reputation Management. 

Once you’ve chosen the campaign, click Allocate

That's how easy it is to get started! Once you've subscribed and allocated your campaigns, you can start building, managing, and promoting your client's reputation with the Reputation Management Suite. 

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