When working with Listing Management, you will notice that there are three types of listings: Core, Primary and Secondary.

But what are the differences and what do they mean? 

Core Listings

There will always be the same 8 Core Listings for all of your clients' businesses. They are the most important listings.

Core Listings often provide the data found in other listings. This means, that by updating your client's information, you may also have a listing on the other websites, without even doing anything!

Primary Listings

Primary listings are high-traffic, country-specific listings that are also considered necessary for your client's business.

Some of them are well-known listings on the internet and will be used often by potential customers looking for your clients.

Secondary Listings

Secondary Listings are often niche-specific and very localized. Some of them might not provide much traffic for your client's business while others will be very valuable.

For more information on how to add your client's business to these listings with Reputation Management, see Create New Listings for Your Clients with Reputation Management.

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