With the Reputation Management Dashboard, you can send customized emails to your client's customers and encourage them to leave reviews on third-party websites, such as Yelp and Google My Business. 

Here's how to customize the email templates for getting reviews from customers:

1. Go to Reputation Management Dashboard. Log in to your Reputation Management Dashboard. On the Overview, click on Customize. This will take you to the Settings page of the Dashboard. 

2. Go to Review Settings. Once you're in the Settings page, go to the Review Settings tab. This will take you to the Email Templates for Review Requests.

3. Choose which template to edit. Use the drop down menu to choose a template to edit: Initial Review Request, Positive Review Thank You Email, or Negative Review Thank You Email.

For the Initial Review Request, you have three email templates to edit: Initial Email, Secondary Email, and Final Email:

For the Positive Review Thank You Email, you have one template to edit:

For the Negative Review Thank You Email, you also have one template:

Click Save Details when you're done.

Tip: Personalize the emails as much as possible to make customers feel that their reviews are very much appreciated.

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