After activating Reputation Management for a campaign and integrating key accounts, one of the first things you want to do for your client is check the listings to see if their information is present. 

1. After selecting a campaign, hover over Reputation Management and choose Listing Management.

2. The first thing we will do is click Check Listing. This verifies the Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) of your client's business at the core, primary and several hundred secondary listings. For more information on the difference between the types of listings, click here.

Reputation Management will list all of the listings that can help boost your client's web presence.

3. To add your client's business information, click Get Listing next to a listing. You will be taken to the listing's actual website.

You will see an Integrate button, rather than Get Listing, in the case of Google My Business, and Facebook.

The integration will take place in the dashboard and will require specific information about the account. 

In most cases, the Check Listings feature returns several hundred listings. After you have updated new listings, you easily see which listings your client still needs to add with the Build New Listings feature.

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