With the Reputation Management Dashboard, you can prompt your customers to generate reviews by installing a feedback widget on your website. Here’s how:

1. Open Reputation Management Dashboard. Select your desired campaign and go to the overview section of the Reputation Management Dashboard. Click Customize

2. Customize your widget. Go to the Feedback Settings tab. Scroll down to Feedback Widget. You can customize the Widget Header and Widget Subtitle. Don't forget to click Save Details.

You can also customize the color of the widget button. Go to the General Settings tab. Under Review Page Customization, you can set the Bar Color and Bar Text Color by entering the hex codes. Click Save Details.

3. Install HTML Code on your website. Go back to the Feedback Settings tab. Check if you're happy with how the widget will appear through the Feedback Widget Preview

If you're satisfied with the look, copy the HTML Code of the feedback widget and paste it in the desired section of your website in WordPress Admin.

And you're all set! Customers can now start leaving reviews on your client's website through the Feedback Widget!

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