Closing a sale for your digital marketing team is such a sweet victory. This is a chance for you to prove that you are the right agency to help your clients reach their goals and find more business.

So how do you get started? Setting expectations, as we know, is a huge challenge and will be what your client bases their success on. So once you’ve locked in that new contract, be sure to deliver.

Depending on the goals you’ve set with your customer, some after-sale tips that can prove helpful are the following:

  • Get to know the client’s business by heart. You are the primary advocate for your client’s business with our digital team. Make sure you secure every documentation to show you care about their campaign. Examples of documentation that will prove helpful are branding guidelines, product catalogs, company-generated videos and corporate values.
  • Set the timelines properly. From the initial communication, send your client a timeline outlining all the deliverables based on your digital proposal. It will help frame the whole project; though you may want to set some buffers for revisions and possible waiting time for approvals, especially for content generation.
  • Keep communication alive at all times and report small wins. Speed is quality, and nothing beats a provider who delivers. This will establish an avenue of trust early in the relationship. We can then turn more to delivering results for the client, in terms of metrics set. When we get a new lead, or rank for a keyword on the first page, make sure to deliver the good news. Everyone likes good news!
  • Once you’ve started delivering results, find opportunities to upsell. A satisfied client will be more likely to purchase additional services. If you find more opportunities to offer value in a different form of service, go for it!

Use these tips to capitalize on the momentum you have following a successful sale and create an after-sales experience that brings your clients back for more.

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