For business owners, establishing their online presence is an essential part of digital marketing. Like any other service provider, you want to give the best value for your client’s buck.

For SEO, one of the most common questions is: when can I expect to see an increase in traffic to my website and more conversions? Some marketers fall into the trap of over-promising results to their clients without understanding the proper timeline for the campaign.

Certain conditions should be met before your client will see the highly-sought after traffic to their website. 

*Note: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tactics are not considered here which can increase traffic faster.

  • Google's Guidelines - The click-through for organic results is dominated by websites ranking in the first 3 positions. If you wish to go for the top results, you need to understand the guidelines Google has set for how to create a search engine-friendly website without sacrificing user experience. Find out more here.
  • An optimized landing page - Content is king, as the saying goes in the industry. But having content optimized for SEO may not cut it. Your client's visitor's need to easily find what they’re looking for, with the right placement of calls-to-action. Place multiple content types on the page, such as images, downloadable PDFs, videos, etc. to make your page more attractive to visitors - make sure it's all valuable.
  • Mobile-friendly pages - Most users now surf via mobile so accommodating their experience on this platform is a must for businesses; make sure your mobile version loads properly and has appropriately-sized buttons and imagery.

These are only some of the top-level factors that contribute to improving your client's ranking. Consult with your Project Manager to get more details on how we can help.

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