Client Setup

  1. Click on your profile image in the upper, right-hand corner and choose Manage Users.

2. To add a user, click Add New User

3. Enter the user's information. Be sure to choose Client. Click Save.

4. Once the user has been saved, you will be directed to the Manage User Information page. Here you can further customize the user including: 

Add additional information about the user in the Profile Information section. 

Choose which campaign they are associated with in the Campaign Assignment section.

If necessary, update their User Permissions. For Clients, that is only Reputation Management.

Currently, you can only bcc your employees on emails. This functionality is not available for your clients.

5. Click Save in each section as you update.

Employee Setup

1. Adding an employee begins similarly. 

2. However, be sure to choose Employee. Click Save.

3. You will be taken to the Manage User Information page. 

The Profile Information and Campaign Assignment sections are the same for Clients and Employees. However, there are more options under User Permissions.

You can also enable notification emails for your employees. The will be bcc'ed on the emails that you, our partner receives.

Pay special attention to the message indicating that the emails clearly originate from SEOReseller. It is for this reason that the functionality is limited to employees rather than clients.

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