Your Dashboard will notify you whenever a new lead comes in from the sources you're tracking. But, that's not all - you can customize the view of your Dashboard to enable access to your lead tracking sources. 

Here are the steps to set-up your lead tracking notifications:

1. To set up the lead notifications, click Notifications. A pop-up box will appear where you can set the notifications for the lead tracking feature of your Dashboard.

2. Mark the appropriate notification setting you want to enable. Client view of the lead tracking dashboard is enabled by default.

Please note: We recommend disabling the notifications from the Contact Form to avoid duplicate emails and spam. 

3. Once done, click Save & Close.

Now that you're done enabling the notifications for your client's lead sources, it's time to start tracking!

Feel free to contact our Project Managers if you have any question about the lead tracking feature on your Dashboard. 

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