In order to maintain a natural feel and behavior to our internal strategies, and the methodology overall, a huge chunk of the activities that we drive are done with the help of contributors, and therefore it is impossible to eliminate human error. 

We strongly commit to high Quality Standards and set your expectations at a 1% human error rate. 

Our Project Managers and contributors do their best to be vigilant in detecting errors and securing the quality of the work we deliver, but if you have any complaints or concerns on the quality of the work, we would be more than happy to address the complaint and complete the fulfillment. 

Your active participation in monitoring the quality and accuracy of work is not just appreciated, but integral to our mutual success. 

How You Can Help:

  1. Provide detailed intake forms. We have a "No Intake Form, No Content" policy which is strictly implemented with the Partners that we work with.

    With the correct information at our fingertips, our writers will be able to produce the best possible output, content-wise. It allows our writers to step into your client's shoes and write as if we were a part of their team.

    Without a detailed intake form, our writers will base the writing on the submitted, incomplete form and the existing website (which is sometimes bare). Needless to say, that is not an ideal situation.
  2. Let us know if you're unhappy with content. While we pride ourselves on having great content writers and editors, you may receive content with which you are unsatisfied.

    We highly encourage partners to come forward and report instances like this so we can go over it with the team. Partners are allowed a maximum of 3 content revisions.
  3. Report inaccuracies. Your campaigns' details are saved on the Dashboard and our internal system, but there may be instances where you spot inaccuracies. Please raise these with your assigned Project Manager so that we can look into it and resolve, if necessary. 
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