What if my customer comes back to me with something that needs immediate action and I can't help them with it? How can SEOReseller help me? 

24 hours a day, 5 days a week, SEOReseller can take action on any urgent item presented to us given that we are made aware of all aspects of the issue and receive the pertinent details regarding the affected account.

We always recommend getting in touch with your assigned Project Manager or Business Development Officer first, especially if the problem occurs inside your timezone's regular working hours, but for time-sensitive items occurring outside your assigned Project Manager's shift, you can easily reach out to us via phone or chat and we should have someone from the team available to help you out. 

What we would need, in order to take action:

  1. Details about the concern and your assigned Project Manager's name (so we can include them in the loop)
  2. What action needs to be taken (in detail)
  3. Credentials, if signing in is necessary to take action

We will assess the concern, take the necessary action(s) required, and email a report with your assigned Project Manager copied. In the event that we can't act without the assigned Project Manager's assistance, action will be taken within 24 hours or during the assigned Project Manager's next shift. 

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