Contact Breakdown

  • Customers - Leads that have been converted and are now paying customers.
  • Hot Leads - Leads that are the most likely to buy. They understand their needs and how your clients can meet those needs.
  • Warm - Leads that have shown interest in buying but still need persuading. Have likely visited your clients' competitors to compare prices and services.
  • Cold - Leads that know they have a problem but need educating on the problem and how your clients can help. Not ready to buy.
  • Slipping Away - Leads that are still trying to understand their problem. They are not connecting with your client and far from buying.
  • Disqualified - Leads that are lost or otherwise disqualified.

New Leads

  • Leads Count - The number of leads acquired on a given day.


  • Contact Form to DB Plugin - This plugin is required to capture form submissions to your WordPress database.
  • Lead Generator Plugin - The recommended form submission plugin. Though Contact Form DB will work with other plugins.
  • Unique Campaign Token - A unique ID for your dashboard that must be entered into WordPress for your Lead Tracker plugin or preferred plugin.


  • Setup Tracker - Here you can find a link to download a folder which contains the WordPress plugins to be uploaded into your client's WordPress site. The folder also contains detailed instructions for installation. On this screen, you can also find the Campaign Token for the chosen campaign. The token will need to be pasted into your client's WordPress site.
  • Manage Sources - There are two types of sources: sources for contact forms/landing pages and custom sources. Contact form/landing page sources do not require setup, though they can be edited. Custom sources require manual setup through the Add New Source button.
  • Notification Settings - Here you can enable lead tracking for your clients or your employees. It will always be enabled for your view. You can also choose whether you want to receive notifications when your client receives a new lead.

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