We understand that you're excited to report the latest ranking improvements or how you turned that follower into a conversion, but it won't mean much if it's communicated in a technical and complicated manner.

Key Performance Indicators

As you may already know, we offer a lot of ways to report successes of a campaign to your clients. The important thing to remember is that the results are in terms they can understand. We refer to these as key performance indicators (KPI).

Examples of KPIs are

  • an increase in the number of people visiting their website, 
  • online inquiries coming in, 
  • phone calls, 
  • people walking through the door, 
  • referrals, 
  • testimonials, 
  • reviews, and more.

Tell them how many people from their target market are actually quality leads generated by the marketing campaign.

Metrics That Matter

Statistics play a huge role, but metrics that matter are another example of what your client understands and wants to know. 

Examples of metrics that matter are 

  • projected value per conversion, 
  • and the volume and value sales expected out of a certain level of traffic.

At times, you may need to educate them more about the significance of the efforts and how they help grow their business.

Take them through the process. Make them excited to continue their campaign and keep them motivated to maintain their marketing spend. At the end of the day, dollars that are a return on their investment means more dollars for your agency.

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