Google recently released an update that gives importance to sites loading faster. The update also revealed two different indexes for mobile and desktop versions of websites with the mobile index being the primary one. This means that our sites need to be as user friendly and relevant for mobile users as they are for desktop users.

Additional reasons why it's important for our sites to load quickly:

  1. They are now more favored by the search engines.
  2. Fast sites make looking for information healthy for the users.
  3. Most users find information while being on-the-go and they want faster results.

We test our site speed using

With this test, you can find out if your site is performing at its best. It will also provide fixes if your website is not loading properly. Here are some of the instructions it provides:

Being mobile-friendly and having pages that load faster adds value for your clients' customers which result in more visits to the site and a higher likelihood of purchasing. Our sites meet and exceed Google's standards and will continue to do so.

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