After you have already checked for listings, you need to verify the information. For some listings, it can take several days for verification. 

For additional steps on how to check listings and put your client's business on the appropriate listings, please see the article Create New Listings for Your Clients with Reputation Management.

1. If you have already updated your client's information at the listing, you can 'get a listing' one of two ways. 

The first and most appropriate way is to simply click Check Listings. This will check for your client's information on all of the listings.

Just keep in mind that you can only use this feature once every 30 minutes.

2. The second way is to click the edit button.

This opens the Update Listing page where the URL of the new listing can be pasted into the Listing Link field.

3. Click Save & Close.

The result of either is that rather than seeing a Get Listing button, you will see a Verify Listing button.

4. Once you list your client's business on Google My Place (and other listings) an actual postcard will be sent to the address for verification. Understandably, this could take several days. 

Once the verification has been completed, it needs to be updated in Reputation Management. 

5. Click on the edit button again to open the Update Listing page and simply switch the Status button to Verified.

6. Click Save & Close.

Tip: If you are running a Local SEO Campaign under SEOReseller, listings that have been created but still need verification will have notes on the details to complete the verification process.

7. Come back to this page to check for listings via the Check Listings button. This eliminates the need to manually paste the URL of the listing into the Listing Link field of the Update Listing page.

To see which listings you still need to update for your client, please see Building New Listings with the Reputation Management Dashboard

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