This article will show you how to perform a sterilized search and configure Google Chrome to do it automatically. 

To learn more about a sterilized search and how it differs from a Google search performed by you and your clients, see Why does the Dashboard show keyword rankings that are higher or lower than those found in actual, manual searches?

Manual Sterilized Search

When you're checking rankings for the keyword seoreseller with a regular search, your query URL will resemble this format:

To perform a sterilized search, you would simply add the code "&pw=0&gl=0" to the URL in this manner:

Configure Sterilized Search in Google Chrome

You can also set up Google Chrome to perform a sterilized search automatically. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Go to Chrome Settings, scroll down and open the Manage search engines dialog.

2. In the dialog box that appears, scroll to the very bottom until you see the Add a new search engine option.

3. Enter the following details and click Enter:

-Add a new search engine: Google Sterilized Search
-Keyword: Sterilized Search

4. Place your mouse pointer over the Google Sterilized Search Entry and click Make Default

5. Click Done

Using Sterilized Search in Google Chrome

  1. Open an incognito window to take it one step further. This will disconnect your search results from your social networks and Google login. It will also eliminate the need to log out of Google every time you want to check your rankings.

2. Enter your keyword into the search bar and press Enter.

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