Our promise is to have your website ready in 21 days. During the process, it is very important to understand what to expect.

Web design is a collaborative effort that involves design information from our partner, and your client. This is why the intake form is very important. The project will not start unless the intake form has been completed because it contains accesses needed, images, business information, and preferences. 

Additional requirements include payment and the mockup design. After receiving all of the requirements, the 21-day guarantee begins.

What To Expect During the Guarantee

  • During the first 7-10 days, upon receiving the 3 requirements stated above, we are going to create the staging site, which is submitted for approval.
  • During the 11th-21st days, we will focus on completing the approved design. Once completed, it is sent to the partner for approval, pre-QA.

Important Note
There are only two post-completion revisions allowed of the staging site and the pre-QA site.

Once the site passes quality assurance and has been approved by the client, the turn-over of the project will commence which includes providing the live site and credentials. 

Images, videos, and content are very much encouraged to make the site more personalized and reflect the personality of your client's business.

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