The short answer – we will not tie you to a contract or a lock-in period for any of our services.

We understand that risks are a part of doing business. Your business relationship with a client could cease for a number of reasons, including a change or priorities, or even a change of providers. 

Because we understand the inherent risks and how they can affect you, we make doing business with SEOReseller easy by operating on a prepaid basis, with no contracts. You only pay for work that will be done for the coming month. Furthermore, if you no longer need our services after work is completed, simply inform us and you will not receive an invoice for the next month. No cancellation fees, no contracts, no hard feelings.

However, while we do not tie you to a contract, we do encourage that you do so for your clients. This is to ensure that enough time will be given for our strategies to bear significant results. Our SEO services, for instance, have a recommended duration of at least six (6) months so that a more comprehensive link profile is built.

We are your partners; not just during success. Just as it was easy for you to start doing business with us, we will remain as responsive to the changing needs of your organization.

Please see our cancellation policy here.

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