When pitching to a client, it's important to focus on their needs. Among a pool of candidates vying to win over a new business, it is your objective to be the most desirable agency. The best way to achieve this is by demonstrating a deep understanding of your client's requirements and matching it with the perfect product.

The challenge comes in finding a balance between your client’s budget and your revenue potential. In short, the more you know about your client’s business, the better you can pitch and possibly land the deal.

When assessing a business’s digital marketing needs, here are some tips to determine which product is right for your client.

Offer this product if the client wants a constant stream of traffic to an easily discovered website. Remind your client that it comes with constant updating as well as link building.

We offer services tailored for business focusing on a local audience, or larger audience or e-commerce website, plus businesses in highly competitive markets.

The price ranges from $249 USD (used only for ranking maintenance and not advised for site optimization) up to $1,499 USD for the highly competitive niches. 

Social Media
The Social Media product is suitable for clients with high social currency (that is, the viability of a brand to be shared on social media – in short, brands that may seem interesting or cool in today’s generation). 

If your client’s brand is relatively new and you want to increase awareness of their business, Social Media can make that happen.

Prices also vary depending on the scale of the needs for the business.

PPC (Pay Per Click)
If your client wants fast traffic and immediate results or conversions, then PPC is the ideal solution. It is independent of any ranking algorithm and with the right budget and right keywords, you can rise to the top by optimizing your bid and maintaining a high-quality score with Google.

Our paid ad packages include both Facebook Ads and Pay-Per-Click for Google Adwords. Pricing will depend on the monthly budget allotted for the campaign, but the range is $300 USD (with setup) to $750 for larger packages (with setup). 

Web Design
If your client's website is not user-friendly or doesn’t have an appealing look and feel, consider offering Web Development. Our SEO-ready websites are built and developed on premium WordPress themes. They can be combined with any other product that has recurring value. 

Since websites are quickly becoming the primary way to communicate with potential customers, it's critical to offer the best experience possible. 

The prices start at around $499 USD for Local Website Design and up to $1,4990 USD or more for highly customized web design needs.

Content Marketing to cater to all your content outsourcing needs. Our content is guaranteed to be well-crafted and all original to ensure that it is SEO and reader-friendly. Price ranges from $25 USD to $800 USD for Premium Services.

Brand Design crafted by our creatives team. This is ideal for businesses who want to build their brand and impress their clients through premium-quality and exceptional designs that are made to reflect the business and the brand’s identity. Brand Design packages ranging from $150 USD to $300 USD.

Aside from that, we also offer other bundles and ad hoc services to help your business and your clients.

Please note that the approximate pricing provided is based on reseller pricing and not retail pricing. This is to ensure that you, our partners, get the best prices for the services we offer. Our complete and updated pricing list is available at our store after signing up.

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