An SEO campaign requires you to have foresight into the results you want to achieve for your business so that you can set realistic goals and expectations. At a predetermined time, you will need to evaluate the progress of the campaign and decide whether or not you should revisit your strategy.

First of all, we need to understand the nature of a revisit. While it will be a change of direction for the campaign, it is also ultimately fulfilling the existing business goal of your client. It's a move brought out by identifying opportunities for rankings and traffic or moving on to more competitive terms. In short, it's anything that needs a change in keywords / keyword mapping or other targeted pages / on-page elements of the client website.

Having said that, there are several triggers that would indicate a revisit (also known as an On-Page Revisit) is necessary.  Here are some important triggers:

  1. The campaign has achieved great ranking performance. This could mean that several keywords are already ranking at positions 1-3 or on the first page. In this case, we can start targeting new keyword opportunities. 
  2. The campaign is not doing well in the rankings and we've identified other keywords that could drive better results. While this not an admission of defeat, showing results to clients allows them to appreciate the value of the work. But a good strategist also knows when it's time to look for other opportunities to provide value.
  3. The client is launching a new website. Here, the keyword mapping would be heavily considered because we need to make sure that the new website caters to the SEO strategy.

The above are only some common scenarios that would require a revisit to the campaign's on-page strategy; it would still be best to consult and align with your project manager upon campaign launch. Nothing beats a good conversation to set expectations right and drive delightful results to your clients.

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