Above is a blueprint of our standard Social Media campaign process. At the outset of every new client's campaign, we typically have an in-depth discussion with partners (such as yourself) concerning the nature of the client's business, their campaign goals, target market, and other relevant details. At this point, our partners also have their clients fill out the intake form.

Upon receipt of the accomplished intake form, we typically begin in-depth discussions internally concerning the Social Media Strategy and Roadmap. These are consolidated in a document and sent to our partners for approval. At this point, we also initiate the process of either setting up Social Media accounts for the client or transferring administrator rights to our Social Media team, depending on which is applicable. The process of transferring admin rights requires a certain degree of responsiveness from the client or partner (as the case may be) in order to ensure timely account activation which is required for creation of the Social Media Calendar, posts, and paid advertisements.

Once our Social Media team has either set up new social media accounts for the client or acquired access to the existing ones, they can then begin working on the monthly deliverables (i.e. Social Media Calendar, posts, and paid advertisements). The partner or client is free to approve or reject the social media posts on a real-time basis; the social media management tool we use enables partners or clients to send feedback and revisions immediately for seamless delivery by our Social Media team. Once social media posts have been approved, they can be scheduled for posting in accordance with the approved Social Media Strategy and Roadmap. Completion of this milestone officially concludes Month 1 of the campaign.

The first phase of Month 2 and onwards consists of publishing the social media posts and running paid advertisements on social media platforms. Concurrently, our team works on the monthly deliverables, which are sent to the partner for approval, as in Month 1.

The end of Month 2 culminates in sending our partners an Executive Report (Social Media). We then discuss the campaign's performance highlights, recommendations for further enhancing the campaign, planning for the following month, and other important considerations.

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