Why is SEOReseller more expensive than other providers?

This is a question I sometimes encounter during an introductory call. But I know for a fact that what they’re really asking is, “Why choose you guys?” And I have pretty reassuring answers below:

We do research.

We spend as much as fourteen thousand US dollars every month on research. To cite an example, we purchase unused web domains at any given time and that’s where we check different white hat SEO techniques to see which one works. And more importantly, which ones are detrimental.

We are a consultancy.

We’re not just a company that will give you a work report after the cycle is over. You can reach out anytime you have questions about your business model or about a marketing strategy that you think your company can employ. You can make sure that we do the work, but that’s just the beginning.

We care about your business.  

It’s a cliché, I know, but there’s a big difference between completing work and providing value. When we start a campaign, we already have the end goal in mind. Whether it’s increasing sign-ups or conversions, our strategies are clear and concise so that we don’t just throw your money into a black hole. We measure results because we care about you.  

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