Above is an overview of our standard SEO campaign process. At the outset of every new client's campaign, we typically have an in-depth discussion with partners concerning the nature of the client's business, their campaign goals, target market, and other relevant details. At this point, our partners also have their clients fill out the intake form.

Upon receipt of the accomplished intake form, we can then begin the Keyword Research and Approval phase. Once the client has selected their campaign keywords (quantity depends on their SEO service) based on our recommendations, we proceed to conducting an SEO Structural Site Audit (On-Page), and writing, editing, and auditing the Meta Data and Web Copy for the client's target pages. All of the content is consolidated in the Meta Data and Content Optimization Report and sent to the partner for feedback. A number of revisions may be applied to further tailor the content to the client's specific tastes while adhering to industry standard practices for SEO.

Once the content has been finalized, we move on to the On-Page Implementation phase, during which we roll out the recommendations and new content as outlined in the Meta Data and Content Optimization Report. Upon completion of the Implementation phase, we then proceed to the Off-Page execution phase, which entails building backlinks to build the client site's authority and rankings, using a proven methodology that is both safe and effective. The fulfillment of this phase officially concludes Month 1 of the campaign.

Upon completion of every campaign, we send our partners an Executive Report. We then discuss the campaign's performance highlights, recommendations for further enhancing the campaign, planning for Month 2, and other important considerations.

Month 2 and onwards primarily consists of Link Building campaigns to systematically build up the client site's rankings in the search engine results.

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