The first month of your SEO campaign will concentrate on the on-page elements of your website - meaning, all of the things you see on the website and the code that makes up your website.

To be able to comply with Google's requirements for your website, here are the reports that we will send you during the first month, highlighting the items that we need to implement:

  1. Site Assessment Report  - This is an audit of the website's basic components (e.g. Google Analytics / Search Console installation, sitemaps, social signals, etc).
  2. On-Page Report– This report details what needs to be done on the pages of the website we are targeting.  

It has:

  • Keyword Mapping - This shows which pages will be targeting which keywords.
  • URL Optimization - Some required URLs may already exist and will require no edits while others might need to be added and others may need to be edited to help the search engine more easily understand their context and value.
  • Meta Content Optimization - Meta content describes the page's content to the search engine (as appearing in the search result pages) and are of primary importance for SEO. 
  • Header Tag Optimization - The header tags are usually the title or subtitle of the content on the page; again, Google looks at these to understand the page's context and value. 
  • Image Alt Tag Recommendations - The image alt tags describe the content of the images to the search engine. 
  • Page Content Optimization - The content on the page is one of the most important considerations for SEO. The more content you have and the more value it adds to users, the more it will help your Google Rankings.

These two reports form the core of the On-Page strategy that we will implement to your target website to start your SEO.

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