One of the most useful features of the Reputation Management Dashboard is the capability to funnel customers to leave a review for your client's business. There are four ways to request for feedback.

Here's a step-by-step process to prompt customers to leave reviews that may be placed on your client's website.

A. Send an Email to a Single Customer

1. Go to Feedback in the Reputation Management Dashboard. Click the Feedback tool in the Reputation Management Dashboard. 

2. Click Get Feedback. Click the Get Feedback button to send an email to an individual customer. This will show a pop-up box where you have to input the Name and Email Address of the customer. 

Once you're done, click Send to process your feedback request.  

B. Upload a List to Send Multiple Feedback Requests

1. Click Upload List. Inside the Feedback tool, you'll find the button Upload List. Click this if you want to send multiple feedback requests to different customers. 

2. Upload Your File. A pop-up box will appear where you can upload your customer list. 

*Note: The file should be in CSV format, and must follow the arrangement - First Name, Last Name, Email. 

Click Import once done.

C. Install a Widget on Your Client's WordPress Website

You can prompt customers to leave feedback directly on your client's website by installing an HTML-based widget.

1. Install the widget. Click the Install Widget button. A pop-up box will appear with the HTML code that you can copy and paste on your client's website.

For more information about installing and customizing the Feedback Widget, click the link below:

D. Use a Web Form

1. Go to Web Form. Inside the Feedback tool, click the Feedback Form button. This will direct you to a Review page where customers can leave their feedback.

2. If the customer leaves a feedback with a high rating, they will be encouraged to leave a review on third-party review sites, such as Yelp and Facebook. 

If they provide a low rating, they will be prompted to share their experience and will not be directed to the third-party review sites. 

And you're all done! With these simple steps, you can start promoting your client's business through the reviews you've generated.

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