To kickstart your website development with SEOReseller, it is important to have the following requirements ready:

  1. Feature List - While there are features that we can include in the service, there are some feature requests that will take more than the manpower hours included. In the event that the requested feature exceeds the  inclusions in the service, we will quote the development on a per hour basis. Before we start building the site, we need to come to an agreement on the features. Features requested during the web build will be quoted and charged outside of the package. 
  2. Accomplished Client Brief - This gives us more information about how the customer envisions the site, the site structure, and the preferences (color, font style, etc) associated with the build.
  3. Images for Site integration - All our services are inclusive of 15 free images from Shutterstock. We highly recommend that you sit down with the client and select the 15 before getting started. We won't purchase them right away, so they can still be changed, but it would be great to have a set ready for application on the staging website. 
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