Adding a New Campaign in the Dashboard

1. Click the plus sign (+) next to the Select Campaign drop-down on the gray bar below the top menu.

2. Enter the domain URL of your client's business. Click Check Domain to validate the URL. 

3. If it is validated, you will be provided with additional fields to complete. You can also upload your client's logo on this page.

Click Create Campaign.

4. Click Click To Get Started.

You will be taken to your Client Overview page.

Associating a Purchase with a Campaign

1. To make a purchase and associate it with your new campaign, click on Store.

2. Locate the product you are going to buy for your new campaign. Click on the BUY NOW button.

3. Proceed with the checkout by selecting your payment method, either via PayPal or our supported credit cards. 

4. Assign your newly purchased product to a campaign on the Thank you page.

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