At SEOReseller, we want to make sure that it's easy for you to run campaigns with us. With that in mind, it's important that launching and renewing campaigns goes smoothly. Mastering our service cycles will make it easier for you to understand when and what to expect from our team. You can then set similar expectations regarding a schedule with your clients. 

The Cycles

Our campaigns operate on two 30-day service cycles: the 1st and 15th Cycle. The 1st cycle starts on the 1st of every month, and the 15th cycle starts on the 15th. 

Understanding when these cycles start and end will help you prepare the requirements for the project to launch. You will also know when to expect the work to finish and when all-end-of-month reporting will be sent to you. During this time, the reports provide a way for you and your client to view the progress of the campaign via your agency dashboard. If you have provided your client access, your client can view it from their white label dashboard.

The 1st Cycle

The 15th Cycle

Starting Campaigns

Campaigns start with us as soon as the launch requirements are met. Once all the project requirements are completed, the campaign will then be deployed on the best possible cycle based on the date when the requirements are received. If the campaign requirements are completed five days after a new cycle starts, we are still able to launch your campaign within that new cycle. Your project manager will alert you otherwise. 

Renewing Campaigns

For campaigns that operate under a recurring billing period, like SEO, PPC or Social Media, we will send an invoice before the end of the month so that you may settle them. If you want to pause or discontinue the campaign, please alert your project manager so that we may put the campaign on hold until you choose to renew the project with us.

Transferring Cycles

For campaigns that operate under a recurring billing period, partners have the option to move the deployment of the campaign to the next service cycle. A partner may choose to move a particular campaign to the next cycle if they have not yet received payment from their end client or if the end client wants to renew the campaign on another cycle. 

In case the invoice tied to a particular campaign does not get paid within five days after a cycle starts, we may move the deployment to the next cycle depending on the size of the campaign.

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