Upon settling an invoice, a payment notification email will be sent to you and your project manager. This is a go signal for your project manager to get in touch with you for details on your new campaign.

The Intake Form

The SEO Intake Form will be the item of reference that our teams will use. The form has 3 sections that ask for information which will serve the different teams working on your campaign. So, it is very important, and beneficial for our clients, that we get the intake form accomplished in its entirety with as accurate information as possible. 

The first section contains general information of the business or the NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number). This is most useful to Local SEO campaigns when creating local citations on directory listings, but also useful when optimizing the website.

The second section lists branding information to determine what the business is all about. This information helps our writers choose what to emphasize and highlight when talking about the client’s business and the services they offer. Our writers will be able to deliver spot-on articles that are geared towards the client’s business goals when this information is supplied.

The last section asks for content guidelines that will aid our writers on how to create content that follows the business’ brand persona and tone of writing. It is important for us to get this information so that our writers can write articles that properly represent the business. 

Recommended Target Keywords

Your project manager will send recommended target keywords for you and your client’s approval. These keywords are strategically selected according to the client’s business goals. 

These 2 items are the initial requirements to start an SEO campaign. Each one plays an important role for us to deliver quality service and the best possible result for your business.

Your campaign's service cycle will depend on when you can provide these information.  

Contact your project manager for more information on the SEO intake process. 

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