You don't need to have a full portfolio. What's important is that you can prove to clients that you're different from everyone else. It's not about comparing yourself nor is it about what standards or technologies you're capable of. It's about providing value from the start.

It would be best to be honest about where your agency is currently and how you're just getting started but can still provide value-adding services to your clients. Below are some points to remember when you're addressing this.

  • Managing the right expectations – It’s not about saying yes to the client; it’s showing them how to get it done properly. Talk to your clients, send them briefs to get information about their business, and consolidate data so everyone is on the same page and has the right expectations.
  • Providing a solid methodology – When you’re selling website design, you’re not just providing them with a service. You’re giving them a solution that warrants a solid methodology. It’s a matter of combining complementary services.
  • Simplify the process – Because web design requires a lot of collaboration, the process often takes weeks to get one mockup created. In our case, we want partners to maximize their agency potential by providing premium web design mockups using our Mockup Builder and our Proposal Creator. It’s easy to use and integrated with our dashboard, so you can just select your designs and attach them to your proposals in minutes.

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