Save hours on building a landing page for your services by using our white label landing pages that are designed to convert your leads. 

Watch the video or follow the steps below:

Here's how you can use the landing pages:

1. Measure and manage how many visitors are coming.

Go to Landing Pages under the Agency Tools to access the pages. The dashboard will show you the number of visitors, the number of conversions, and the conversion rate of the page. 

2. Set a call to action.

You can choose between two calls to action: by adding a contact form or adding a link to schedule an appointment with you. 

Note: To set Schedule an Appointment as your CTA, you need a scheduling tool (example: Calendly) for your appointment link. 

3. View the page. 

If you want to see how the page looks like, click on the desktop icon at the right side. 

The link to these white label landing pages are included in the pre-built email templates in the Marketing Automation tool. 

Start driving more leads. Automate and use our white label landing pages today!

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