1. If I want to use only the lead generation tool or the marketing automation feature, is the price the same?

Yes, you can’t use them separately. No ala carte.

2. If I have a hot lead and have exhausted the allotted number of audits per day, can I request an audit through my Project Manager (free and basic versions)?

No. Except if you’re key agency (agency with Project Managers).

3. On the basic plan, can I still send emails through the CRM but just can’t use your templates?

Yes, even on free.

4. What happens when visitors to my website try to audit their website after I’ve reached my daily limit?

It’s still saved, but not accessible until you subscribe to unlock all leads. When you subscribe to Premium, you will see all the leads that used your Web Audit Widget.

5. How many marketing materials will I get? (according to their subscription)

Two marketing materials per month. One newsletter and one set of materials (entire product line. Ex: flyers for all products = 1 set).

6. Where can I access the marketing materials for download?

You can access them on the Resource Center. 

7. Can I downgrade my plan?

Yes, if you’re on the monthly subscription. If you’re on the annual subscription, talk to your Project Manager.

8. Can I assign access to the tools in the subscription? If so, how many access do they get?

Yes, you can give access to employees.

9. What if we already have a marketing automation provider?

It doesn’t allow you to connect your current marketing automation tool for now. 

10. (Once I subscribed) How long will it be before we start receiving leads?

Depends on you. We can’t guarantee this.

11. We’re already conducting a lead generation campaign. How do you think your results will be any different? 

Our tool allows you to get leads instantly within the niche and location you set.

12. How much work will I have to do after I get the leads? 

Still the same amount of work - open with context, nurture to close leads, then service the client.

13. Can we target per niche?


14. What information will be available so we can contact the leads?

Email, phone number,  website, and name.

15. Do you have webinar training videos?


16.  How can I be sure the contact information from the leads generated is reliable and up to date?

The information is based on the latest data that we get from our sources (Google Places, Yellow Pages, Facebook).

17. How does the Lead Generator work? 

Enter a niche/keyword and location, then generate. This will provide you with a list of leads for your query.

18. What are the requirements to be a Premium subscriber?

Credit Card or Paypal.

19. Will I be able to customize the templates of the email sequences in the Marketing Automation tool?

No. We want you to use the materials we developed and tested and know will convert.

20. How do I unsubscribe to the service, in case I want to discontinue using it?

Go to the Manage Subscriptions page of your dashboard, then click Cancel Subscription for Agency Advantage. 

21. Am I still going to receive monthly training once I downgrade from Basic/Premium to free?

Yes, with the free webinars.

22. Will I still have access to the marketing materials once I downgrade my subscription?


23. Can I connect to Zapier?


24. Can I create custom landing pages?


25. Can I download the leads into an excel file/csv?


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