Make it easier for your agency to generate more leads passively with the Web Audit Widget. Whenever a lead types their information on the widget, their information will automatically be consolidated in the CRM. 

To set up your Web Audit Widget, follow the instructions here

Different Ways to Use the Widget:

1. Page Takeover

The audit widget automatically pops up whenever a lead lands on your website. You can customize how the widget will appear - using time delay or on-scroll features. 

2. Slim Form Type

The audit widget will appear as a form that visitors can fill out on your website. 

3. Large Form Type

Similar to the slim form type, the audit widget will appear as a form on your site, but only bigger and more visible to your visitors.

4. Call to Action Button

Customize the audit widget as a CTA button.

5. Notification Bar

Use the audit widget as a notification bar that appears on top of your pages whenever a lead visits your website.

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