The CRM provides you with a seamless and streamlined way to manage your contacts in one place. 

All the leads you acquired from both passive (Web Audit Widget and contact forms on your website) and active (Lead Generator and networking activities) lead generation efforts will funnel into the CRM. 

How do you use it? Here are the steps:

1. Filter your leads.

The CRM provides a breakdown of your contacts so you know who to pay attention to at a glance. You can also filter out leads according to Source and Status.

2. Enrich a contact. 

Use the enrich function of the CRM if there's missing information on your lead (ex. social media profiles, contact numbers, website domain, etc). 

Choose a lead you want to enrich and click Enrich Contact. This will trigger the system to collect all the available public data on your lead. 

Click Save Changes to update your lead's information.

3. Run an audit.

Provide instant value to your next best clients with a website audit. Choose a lead and click on the icon for Run Audit, and this will prompt the system to do a website audit on that lead. You'll get a notification once the audit is ready. 

4. Send an email.

If you want to start reaching out to your leads, click on the icon for Send Email. A prompt box will appear where you can create a custom message for a lead.

Click Send when you're finished.

5. Nurture a lead.

The CRM provides you with an easy way to simulate the care with your next clients. To activate an email sequence for a lead, click on the small mail icon on the right. This will allow you to choose a pre-created email sequence that you can drip to start nurturing the relationship with a lead. 

Be on top of your lead generation efforts with a CRM that offers a quick and easy way to consolidate all information and stay in touch with your next clients. 


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