Start generating leads with the Lead Generator of your Agency Advantage. 

Eliminate the dozens of hours manually searching for your leads - this tool does it for you. 

Watch the video or follow the steps below:

Here are the steps to generate leads for your agency:

1. Log into your dashboard and go to Agency Tools.

You'll find the Lead Generator under the Agency Tools.

2. Search for Leads.

Type the niche/keyword and the location that you want to target, then click Generate Leads.    

It may take a few minutes for your list to appear, but you will get a notification via email or dashboard once the list is ready for viewing. 

3. Get the information of your leads. 

To see the complete list, click View Leads. This will show you all the leads generated for your query and their information - website, phone number, and email.

Viewing this list enables you to uncover opportunities and find leads that you can qualify and nurture. 

4. Filter your leads. 

The beauty of the Lead Generator is you can immediately identify what your potential clients are lacking. 

You can filter whether they don't have SEO, AdWords, Social Media, Web Design, or have bad reviews that affect their reputation.

5. Start sorting and reaching out to qualified leads.

Now that you have your list of leads, you can start qualifying and reaching out to your next clients by activating an email sequence that sets a schedule for messages using the pre-built email templates we developed. Just click Run Automation to get started. 

To provide them with instant value, click Run Audit. This will prompt the system to process an audit request—you will be notified when the audit is ready. 

But, if you’re still in the process of building your lead list and see a prospect that you want to eventually nurture, you can select that specific lead and store their information by clicking Save.

Ready to get more leads for your agency? Use the Lead Generator now and start growing your business!

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