For small and medium businesses looking to increase foot traffic to their physical store or office, Local SEO is the best way to accomplish their goals.  Being on the first page of a local search for a particular service is imperative in today's high-competition marketplace.

The process doesn't just optimize the site, it also increases the visibility of the business by optimizing their citations or business listings on web directories including Google My Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages. This allows the service or the office to be easily discovered by searchers.

Local SEO can also make the business a household name and the go-to-place for a service or a product in the locality. Business name, address and phone numbers are the most sought after information by local searchers making it very important for our websites to be optimized for this process.

Restaurants, dentists, clothing stores, automobile services, and lawyers are some of the niches that are the most likely to need a Local SEO service because foot traffic is required to convert the searchers into customers. 

Nowadays, users look for websites and search results that tell them where, when and what they can do when they visit the location. Local SEO will give them exactly that. The alignment of this information is a crucial part of the optimization process.  

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