After purchasing Reputation Management, you are ready to add a location. You can add up to 5 for each time you purchase the Reputation Management service.

1. Click + New Campaign.

2. Enter the URL for your client's website and click Check Domain

3. Enter the client's Business Name, Email, Address, Business Address, and Phone Number. Add the logo of the business. Click Create Campaign.

4. The Click To Get Started button takes you to the Overview page of your new campaign.

5. From the Overview page, go to Reputation Management.

6. Click Activate

Remember that when you purchase Reputation Management, you are purchasing it for 5 locations. Clicking Activate makes this campaign one of the five locations.

You have now activated Reputation Management for your campaign. Your first step should be to integrate your client's accounts. To learn how to integrate, please see Integrating Your Client's Review Accounts in Reputation Management.

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