Installing the WordPress Plugin

There are two ways to install the WordPress plugin with the easiest being directly from WordPress. You will need admin access to your WordPress to install.

1. Log into WordPress. Hover over Plugins and click Add New.

2. Type in "SEOReseller Partner Plugin" and press ENTER.

3. Click Install Now

4. WordPress will indicate that it is installing the plugin. When it is finished, click Activate Plugin.

5. Click on SEOReseller.

6. For the next step, you will need your Plugin Token. In your white label dashboard, click on your profile picture in the upper, right-hand corner. Choose White Label Dashboard.

7. In the first section, click the icon next to your Plugin Token to copy the token to your clipboard.

8. Back in WordPress, paste the Plugin Token into the Token field and click Activate Plugin.

9. To confirm successful installation and activation you will see the text Installed and Verified on the White Label Dashboard page of your dashboard.

If necessary, you can customize the URL of your white label dashboard.

Please see the following articles to customize or set up the additional partner tools.

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